INBUILT introduces ten key innovations categorized into 'Reused and Recycled Materials' – which focus on minimizing waste by repurposing materials from existing sources and 'Low Carbon Building Products.'- which primarily uses bio-based or geo-sourced materials.

These sustainable solutions will be showcased across four European demonstration sites in France, Germany, and the UK, chosen for their diverse climates and landscapes. These sites will test and validate the effectiveness and adaptability of our innovative building materials and methods, demonstrating their practicality in a variety of European environments.

Low carbon Building Products 

<p><strong>Rammed Earth Block</strong></p>

Rammed Earth Block

Innovative, sturdy blocks made from local soil, with low carbon emission in production.

<p><strong>Straw-Clay Boards</strong></p>

Straw-Clay Boards

A unique mix of straw and clay that offers natural insulation, utilising renewable resources.

<p><strong>Bio-based Curtain Walls</strong></p>

Bio-based Curtain Walls

Modular wall system using renewable resources to create energy efficient building exteriors. 

<p><strong>Natural insulation mats</strong></p>

Natural insulation mats

Insulation solutions made from recycled paper and textiles for improved building thermodynamics.

<p><strong>Bio-based Insulation Panels</strong></p>

Bio-based Insulation Panels

Using bio-waste for insulation, providing effective insulation with reduced carbon emissions.

Reused and Recycled Materials

<p><strong>Recycled Bricks</strong></p>

Recycled Bricks

Bricks made from recycled materials, reducing landfill waste. 

<p><strong>Recycled Concrete Blocks</strong></p>

Recycled Concrete Blocks

Concrete made from demolition waste, lessening the need for new materials. 

<p><strong>Prefabricated Waste Wood Wall Elements</strong></p>

Prefabricated Waste Wood Wall Elements

Reusable external and internal wall systems crafted from local waste wood.

<p><strong>Smart Windows</strong></p>

Smart Windows

Windows using recycled glass and bio-based frames for better energy conservation.

<p><strong>Second-Life photovoltaic panels</strong></p>

Second-Life photovoltaic panels

Repurposed photovoltaic panels to extend their lifecycle and enhance energy efficiency.



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